Refunding and exchanging on your iPad

You can process a refund/exchange in POS mode or Manager mode.

In POS mode

1. Find the sale to refund.

  1. From the Main Menu, tap Sales History.

    NOTE: You can also tap New Refund to view sales for the current day.

  2. Locate the sale you want to refund by:
    • swiping down to manually search for the sale.
    • searching the Sale ID.
    • searching the customer's first/last name.
    • scanning a receipt barcode.
    • filtering by shop.
  3. Tap the sale and then tap Refund.

2. Select items to refund.

  1. Select the item(s) to refund and then tap Refund.
  2. If more than one quantity of the selected item(s) was originally purchased, the original quantity is automatically selected for refund. If required, adjust the quantity of the item(s) to refund by tapping the - icon.

3. Add items to the sale (optional).

  1. Locate the item:
    • Scanning an item barcode: Scan the product barcode. Lightspeed Retail POS will search your inventory for a match. If there’s only one item match, the item is automatically added to the sale. If your scan yields more than one item, go to step 2. Otherwise, proceed to step 3.
    • Searching for a product manually: From the top bar of the sale, tap the magnifying glass icon to open the Search screen. For more on the topic, see our Searching for items article.
  2. Depending on the current mode of the Search screen, add the item to the sale:

    • Thumbnail mode: Tap the desired item followed by the + Add to Sale button.
    • List mode: Tap the icon of the desired item.


  3. If required, adjust the quantity of the items in the sale:

    • Line Item view: Tap the or icon of the desired item.
    • Edit Line Item view: Tap the ... icon of the desired item > tap the current quantity > enter the new quantity > and tap Save.


  4. If you need to remove an item from the sale, tap the ... icon of the desired item followed by Remove from Sale.


  5. If you are selling a serialized item, below the item description, tap Add Serial Number.
    • Select the serial number: If serial numbers were previously added to a serialized item in Lightspeed Retail, tap the arrow icon to show all serial numbers associated to the item and tap a number.
    • Scan the serial number: Tap the S/N field and scan the serial number barcode.
    • Create a serial number: When you create a serial number, it is automatically added to the item in Lightspeed Retail. To create a new serial number, tap the S/N field and enter the serial number.

4. Modify the sale (optional).

You can modify specific items or the entire sale. If you apply sale parameters to the entire sale, you can override the parameters for an individual line item.

Entire sale

You can apply a discount and tax rate to all line items in the sale, or change the employee that's associated to the entire sale.

  1. From the top bar of the sale, tap the ... icon.
  2. Tap Apply DiscountsApply Employee or Set Tax.
  3. From the list, select the desired option.


Individual line items

You can change a line item's quantity, sell price, discount, associated employee, tax class and set the item as either taxed or non-taxed.

  1. Tap the ... icon of the desired item.

  2. Tap Quantity, Price, Discount, Tax Class, or Employee.

  3. From the list, tap the desired option.

  4. If you need to make the item taxed or non-taxed, tap the Taxed toggle to enable/disable it.

  5. Tap Save.


5. Process payment.

You can use any of the payment types available in your account to process a refund payment.

NOTE: If you're using a MagTek iDynamo card reader, swiping a credit card from the Sale screen or Payment screen will automatically bring up the credit card payment screen without having to select the Credit Card payment type.

  1. Tap Payment.

  2. Tap the payment type and then enter the amount. For detailed instructions on the various payment types, please see our Processing payments on your iPad article.

    NOTE: You can split the payment between different payment types. You can delete a pending payment by swiping the payment left, and then tapping Delete.

  3. Do one or more of the following:

    Credit cards

    1. Adjust the refund amount if required.
    2. From the available card options:
      • select the credit card that was used for the original purchase and then tap Save or
      • tap Refund Other Card to refund to a different card.

        NOTE: The Allow Credits credit card option in Settings > Shop Settings must be enabled in order to refund to a credit card other than the one that was used for the original purchase.

    3. If you're refunding to a different card, follow the steps required for your device:

      • Payment terminal: Tap Start Payment to send the payment to a payment terminal for completion by the customer. Once the payment is successful, tap DoneFinish Sale.    
      •  Card swiper: Swipe the credit card and tap Save Finish Sale. Once the payment is successful, have your customer sign their signature on-screen and tap Done.

      NOTE: If you're using a payment terminal, the payment is automatically processed once the payment is accepted regardless of if the sale is finalized. If you don’t finalize the sale by clicking Finish Sale, the payment is seen as a partial payment in Lightspeed Retail. You can run the Partial Payment report to view a list of all payments that were processed but are attached to incomplete sales.

    All other payment types

    Adjust the amount to refund if required, and then tap Save > Finish Sale.


    If the Automatically Print Receipt option is enabled in the receipt printer settings (see Setting up a Star TSP100 (LAN) on your iPad), the receipt prints automatically when the sale is finalized.

6. Print or email receipt.

In the Retail POS application, you can either print the sale receipt, print the gift receipt or a email the sale receipt to your customer. Along with printing a full-page sale and gift receipts via AirPrint, you can also print or email sales and gift receipts from the Sales History screen (see our About the Sales History screen article for more on the topic).

NOTE: If the Automatically Print Receipt option is enabled in the receipt printer settings (see Setting up a Star TSP100 (LAN) on your iPad), the receipt prints automatically when the sale is finalized.

Once the payment is processed, choose one of the following:

  • Print receipt: Tap Print Receipt to print the receipt.
  • Email Receipt: Tap Email Receipt, enter the customer email address, and then tap Send.
  • Print Gift Receipt: Tap Print Gift Receipt to print the receipt without the item prices and sale total.


In Manager mode

  1. From the Main Menu, tap Retail Manager.

  2. Tap Sales and process the sale as you would in the Retail Web POS. For more information, please see our Making a sale Retail Desktop article.


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