About the Sales History screen on your iPad

The Sales History screen lets you view all sales and refunds that are completed or in progress. The Sales History screen provides the following sale details:

  • Sale ID
  • Customer
  • Date and Time
  • Total

Depending on if the sale status is Completed or In progress, the Sales History screen also provides additional features such as receipt options, refunding a sale and reopening an incomplete sale or refund.

Completed sale:

In progress sale:

  • Reopen

Using the Sales History screen features

  1. Tap Sales History from the main menu.

  2. Locate the sale by:
    • swiping down to manually search for the sale.
    • searching the Sale ID.
    • searching the customer's first/last name.
    • scanning a receipt barcode.
  3. Tap the sale to open it and choose one of the following options:

    • Receipt Options: Available for Completed sales only. These options let you:

      • print the sale and gift receipt to your receipt printer.
      • print the full-page sale and gift receipt via AirPrint (click here for more information).
      • email the sale receipt to your customer.



      • Reopen: Available for In-Progress sale and refund transactions only. This option brings you to the register to continue the incomplete sale or refund.


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