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Merging customer records

If you have duplicate records in your list of customers, you can merge the details into one record. When you merge customer records, the following rules apply:

  • The details of the record you choose as the primary record are kept, and the secondary customer record is archived.
  • If the primary record has a field with no information and information exists in the secondary record, the information from the secondary record is copied to the primary record.
  • If there's conflicting information, for example if both records have different mobile phone numbers, the information in the primary record is kept.

NOTE: Merging cannot be undone, however the secondary customer record is archived and can be recovered. To do so, click Customers Customers. Open the Advanced search options and check Archived to include archived records in your search. Search for the secondary customer record. 

To merge customer records

  1. To access your customer records, from the main menu, click Customers > Customers.
  2. To find a customer record to edit, enter the customer's name in the Customer search field and click Search.
  3. To merge two customers that are the same, open the customer record you want to keep as the primary record.
  4. On the left menu, click Merge.
  5. Select the check box for the secondary customer record you want to want to merge into the primary customer record.
  6. Click Merge OK.

The customer details of the secondary customer record are now merged into the primary record.


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