Adding Perkville integration

Perkville is an easy to use Reward Points system that integrates with Lightspeed Retail. Customers earn points at your business, track their points on Perkville, and refer friends to your business for points. No more punch cards to keep track of. It's as easy as entering your email address, but much more rewarding.

To add Perkville integration

  1. Create your Perkville account at
  2. Enter your email address and click Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale Integration.
  3. Enter your business name, web address, select a business category and click Next.
  4. Click Settings and go to Getting your API key to generate an API key.
  5. Enter the API key into Perkville.
  6. After you receive confirmation that Perkville accepts your API Key, verify your business name and address and select your Perkville plan.
  7. Enter your billing information.


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