What information is transferred to my accounting system?

Lightspeed Accounting sends your daily sales information to your accounting system each morning for the previous business date.

Sales information is posted at the department or category level. You can map each POS department/category to its own account, map many to one, or you can map all to one.

For some point of sale solutions, you can choose to post sales at the individual product (sku/plu) level.

For QuickBooks, you can choose to post as a journal entry, which involves mapping to your chart of accounts, or, you can choose to post a Sales Receipt, which uses QuickBooks Items (products/services in the case of QuickBooks Online).

For Xero, you can choose between a journal entry, a total sales invoice, or as invoices broken out by tender/payment types.

In general, regardless of the posting method, the postings are broken out into two general components:

  1. What was paid for:

    • Sales by department/category
    • Less any discounts and returns
    • Gift Card/Certificates purchased
    • Sales/VAT Tax(es)
    • Tips charged to credit cards
    • All other service charges
  2. How was it paid for:

    • Credit/Debit Cards
    • Cash
    • Checks
    • Coupons
    • Third party ordering services

In addition to sales information, Lightspeed Accounting can also post your cost of goods sold as well as purchase orders.

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