Signing up for Lightspeed Retail

To get started using Lightspeed Retail, you can sign up for a trial version and then call our Sales team to convert your trial to a licensed version, or contact our Sales team to start with a licensed version right away.

The 14 day trial version gives you:

  • 1 shop
  • 1 register
  • 5 employees

To start a free trial

  1. Go to the Lightspeed Retail Products web page at
  2. Enter the required fields, and then click Start Your Free Trial.
  3. Complete our Retail: Guided Setup for the skills and knowledge needed to get your Lightspeed Retail account ready to accept transactions from your customers.

To get a licensed version

To get a licensed version of Lightspeed Retail, contact our Lightspeed Sales team for information about the available plans how to get started.

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