Configuring your account

Configuring your account is the first step in setting up Lightspeed Retail. The first time you log into Lightspeed Retail the Account Settings wizard appears to help you quickly configure your account. After you set up your shop, you can change your account settings any time.

  1. From the main menu, click Settings > Getting Started.
  2. In the BASICS section, enter your business information. NOTE: For a Multi-Shop account, these settings apply to the main shop only. To set the basic information for your other shops, see Adding Multi-Store shops.
  3. Click Next Step: Product Industries.
  4. In the PRODUCT INDUSTRIES section, select industries to add their corresponding vendors and product catalogs to your account for simple inventory management. NOTE: To find out more about how Lightspeed Retail integrates with bicycle vendors, go to About bicycle integrations.
  5. Click Next Step: Optional Modules.
  6. In the OPTIONAL MODULES section, select from the following modules:
    • Service: to create and manage work orders for services, repairs and other task-related charges.
    • Gift Cards: to use gift cards as part of your sales workflow.
    • Time Clock: to manage your employees by having them log in and out and report their clocked hours.
  7. Click Next Step: Tax Setup.
  8. In the TAX SETUP section, select the checkbox to enable taxes in you account. 
  9. Enter the Default Tax Rate for your products and customers. NOTE: To modify your Default Tax Rate, go to SettingsSales Taxes > Sales Tax.
  10. Enter the Labor Tax Rate. For non-taxed labor, enter a value of 0. Consult your region’s tax laws for  information. NOTE: To add more Tax Classes for products or customers that are taxed differently, go to Creating tax classes.
  11. Click Finish Account Setup to save your settings.
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