Opening the till at start of day

At the start of each business day, you must open your till and add the starting balance. When you close your register at the end of the day, you can balance your till and see any shortages or overages.

To open the till

  1. When you log in to Lightspeed Retail, you are asked which register you're using.
    • If the register you choose is not open, the opening process appears.
    • If you are already logged into Lightspeed Retail and have not yet selected a register, from the main menu, click Sales and then select your register.
    • If you accidentally selected the wrong register for the computer, to switch to the correct register, from the main menu, click Sales > Switch Register and choose the register.
  2. You are prompted to enter how much of each cash denomination you are starting with in your till.
    If you have any funds that do not fall within any of the available denominations, add that dollar value to the Extra field. You can also use the Extra field to enter the entire cash value of your opening till if you prefer not to use the denomination fields.
  3. If you're using the Lightspeed Retail recommended receipt printer and cash drawer, you can use the Open Drawer button to open your cash drawer.
  4. Click Submit Count to open the register with the starting amount entered.
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