Adding The Bike Cooperative Integration

The Bike Cooperative is a member-owned co-op with a mission of improving the profitability of independent bike retailers. The Bike Co-op offers members exclusive access to its Ride Club customer follow-up program, which uses email and direct mail to automatically send thank you's, offers, and tips to its retailers’ customers. Lightspeed Retail provides clients who are also co-op members with an automatic data export add-on that integrates with the Ride Club program.

About exporting data to The Bike Cooperative

Before activating The Bike Cooperative integration, have your items correctly categorized. Lightspeed Retail uses the categories set on your items to mark the item type when sending data to The Bike Cooperative.

The Bike Cooperative recognizes 4 types of items

  • Accessories, Accessory
  • Bike, Bicycle
  • Labor
  • Non-categorized

To sort your items into these item types, Lightspeed Retail checks which root category your item is in. You can have your items categorized into sub-categories (bike > road bike) as long as the root category is recognized. Any of the category names in the list above are recognized and capitalization does not matter.

Labor items do not have to be categorized. If they are in a tax class named labor they will be properly categorized.

Any item in a category that isn't recognized will be given an item type of N (non-categorized).

To add The Bike Cooperative Integration

Data can be automatically transmitted to The Bike Cooperative after setting up the integration.

  1. In Lightspeed Retail, go to Settings > Integration Setup > The Bike Cooperative.
  2. Select the Enabled checkbox.
  3. Enter your shop's ten digit phone number in the Shop Phone Number field and save your changes.

If you have multiple locations and want to send your data to The Bike Cooperative individually for each location, click the Split Shops checkbox and enter the phone number for each shop.

To set up Ride Club Rewards

To set up Lightspeed Retail for Ride Club Rewards you create two items and set both item types to Non-Inventory.

Enrollment: This item is scanned on to a sale when a customer joins your rewards program.

Redemption: Use this item for when a customer is redeeming an earned reward.

After you create these items, put the item ID for each item in your Ride Club portal at The Bike Cooperative. If you need any assistance with this setup contact

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