Adding SmartEtailing integration

SmartEtailing offers website and e-commerce services for local specialty retailers. Services include expertly prepared content articles and catalog products.

Integrating Lightspeed Retail with SmartEtailing gives you the ability to:

  • Pull SmartEtailing orders (as invoices) into Lightspeed Retail for completion and shipping.
  • Push items to SmartEtailing.

To upload your items from Lightspeed Retail into SmartEtailing

NOTE: SmartEtailing's servers process syncs once a day between 12 am and 5 am.

  1. Go to Settings > Integration Setup > SmartEtailing Items Upload
  2. Click Upload Item Data from Lightspeed Retail to Smart-Etailing

Configuring Retail for SmartEtailing item upload

Item with matching UPC, between Retail and SmartEtailing catalog, are pushed to SmartEtailing immediately.

  1. Contact SmartEtailing and request your username, password, and URL.
  2. When you have your username, password and URL, in Lightspeed Retail go to Settings > Integration Setup > SmartEtailing Items Upload.
  3. Paste your URL, username, and password into the appropriate fields.
  4. Check the Enabled option.
  5. Click Save Changes.

NOTE: The Custom Shop Titles For Website section displays the shop names associated with the inventory reported to SmartEtailing.

To manually download your SmartEtailing orders into Lightspeed Retail

  1. Go to Settings > Integration Setup > SmartEtailing Sales Download
  2. Click Download Smart-Etailing Data Into Lightspeed Retail

Configuring Retail for SmartEtailing data download

  1. Log into your SmartEtailing manager.
  2. In the left panel, click Order Manager > Export Settings > View URLs.
  3. In a separate browser window log into your Lightspeed Retail and go to Settings > Integration Setup > SmartEtailing Sales Download.
  4. Under the SmartEtailing tab of your SmartEtailing manager, copy the address in the top most address field to the URL field of your Lightspeed Retail browser window. You can close your SmartEtailing manager window now.
  5. In your Lightspeed Retail window:
    • check the Enabled option
    • select the register and employee you want the invoices from SmartEtailing to be transferred to
  6. Click Save Changes.
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