About POS and Manager modes on your iPad

The Retail POS app has two modes:

  1. POS mode.
  2. Retail Manager mode.

POS mode features a branded interface and is used for quick point-of-sale actions. Retail Manager mode mirrors the Web Interface and is used to manage your system. The mode you choose depends on the actions that you want to perform.

POS mode actions

  • Process basic sales, refunds and exchanges
  • Sell and recharge gift cards
  • Display product images and information to customers using the Show-and-Tell feature
  • Access completed or in-progress sales.

Retail Manager mode actions

  • Inventory management
  • Reports
  • Advanced sale workflows such as special orders and layaways
  • Work orders
  • Account settings

Accessing POS and Retail Manager modes

  1. To open the Main Menu, tap the Lightspeed flame on the top-left corner. The POS mode menu options will appear.

  2. To see the Retail Manager menu options, tap Retail Manager.

    NOTE: Your employee account must have external login permission to access Retail Manager features. For more information on how to set external login permissions for an employee account, please see our Configuring employee roles article.

  3. To enter Retail Manager mode, tap one of the menu options (for example, Sales).
  4. Adapt steps 1-3 to in Retail Manager mode to switch back to POS mode.


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