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Changing a label roll in the Zebra ZD410

At some point, your Zebra ZD410 label printer will inevitably run out of labels. When it does, simply change the label roll in your printer to print labels again. If you've connected your printer to your computer with Lightspeed Hub, both Retail POS and Lightspeed Hub will also let you know that it's time to change your label roll. It does this by updating your printer's status.

To change the label roll in your printer: 


  1. Pull the yellow latches on both sides of the printer towards you and lift the printer's lid open.
  2. Pull the yellow roll guides apart and insert the label roll with the labels facing upwards.
  3. Release the roll guides and push them together. Make sure the label roll is secure and turning freely. 


  4. Pull the labels out past the cutter at the front of the printer.
  5. Push the labels under the roll guides.


  6. Flip the labels up and align the movable sensor to the center position.


  7. Push the lid closed until both yellow latches snap shut.


  8. Optionally, quickly press the feed button (middle button) twice before printing. This will make sure that your labels are correctly aligned and ready to print.


You should now be able to print labels again. If you've connected your printer to your computer with Lightspeed Hub, your printer should also have the Connected status in both Lightspeed Hub and Retail POS.


Note: If the label roll you inserted is not the same size as the previous label roll, you need to calibrate your printer. If your printer is connected with Hub, select More actions > Calibrate label printer to calibrate it. If your printer is not connected with Hub, hold down the pause and cancel buttons for two seconds and release them. Your printer will measure and feed a few blank labels. 

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