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Basics on layaways

Layaways (or lay-bys) are a great way to reserve items that you have in stock for your customers. For example, a customer can simply contact one of your locations to inquire about an item, request to have it put on layaway and then come in-store to pick it up.



To create a layaway, go to Sales Layaway. Then, simply attach a customer to the register and add the items that they would like to reserve to the LAYAWAY tab of the register.


You can also put individual items on layaway during a sale by selecting Layaway from their Move To drop-down (1). Alternatively, you can put all items in a sale on layaway by selecting the Layaway All button (2). Both these workflows move the item(s) from the SALE tab to the LAYAWAY tab.


No matter which workflow you choose, no payment is required for a layaway. You don't even need to select Payment Finish Sale when creating a layaway unless your customer would like a copy of the receipt for their records. Also, the amount of time that you put items on layaway for your customers and whether you require a deposit is entirely up to you. Retail POS simply offers the flexibility to make all these things possible.

When your customer comes in-store to pick up their items, it's at this point that you need to complete their layaway. To do so:


  1. From the main menu, select Sales > Layaway.
  2. Attach your customer to the register.
  3. Select Complete next the item(s) they want to buy. This moves the item(s) from the LAYAWAY tab to the SALE tab.
  4. Finish the sale as you would with a typical sale.


To learn more, please see Creating layaways.

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