1.c Store Country settings

Once you've successfully logged into your eCom back office, you'll want to configure the following Store Country settings:

  • Languages: Offer a number of different languages in your online store: from product descriptions to headlines. 
  • Currencies: Display product prices in your online store in several currencies. Currency conversions are automatically calculated based on the current exchange rates.
  • Countries: Set which countries you will accept orders from.

As a basic foundation, we recommend starting with 1 language, 1 currency and to sell to customers within your country as you'll work on internationalizing your eCom store in the Enhance Level (coming soon).

By default, your language and currency will already be set based on the settings you selected upon installing your eCom store. Therefore, you'll only need to configure your Countries setting which as previously mentioned, we recommend to be your own country for now.

To access these settings, go to SettingsStore Country from your eCom dashboard.


For more information on your Store Country settings, see our Internationalizing your store article.

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