1.a Installing eCom

Assuming you've completed the Retail - Guided Setup or fulfilled the Retail prerequisites mentioned in Retail with eCom Guided Setup - Introduction, you are ready to start installing your Lightspeed eCom!

To begin, you need to review a few settings in your Retail account as they will carry over to your eCom store. Once you've completed this review, you can go to the eCom section from your Retail account's Main Menu to install your eCom store!


For help finding the specific settings in your Retail account and for the full step-by-step on how to install your eCom store, please see our Installing Lightspeed eCom article.

NOTE: As we're only publishing 10 products as a starting point in our Basic 2: Product Setup lesson, select Decide later which items to publish in step 7.

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