1.b Logging into eCom

Once you've successfully installed your eCom store, you will want to learn how to log into your eCom back office for the first time. As an omnichannel user, it's important to note that you will have two separate login credentials: one for your Retail account and one for your eCom back office.

Also, as forgetting your password is a natural part of life in this day and age, we've developed a way to reset your eCom password in a few easy steps. Since we are on the topic of logins, learning how to use the forgot password function now will prove to be helpful if you ever run into this minor inconvenience in the future.


For the full step-by-step on how to log into your eCom back office for the first time and reset your password, please see our Logging into your eCom back office article.

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