Sales - Checklist


Now that you have officially completed Lesson 5: Sales of the Retail Guided Setup, you have all the information necessary to:

  • run your store from opening to close.
  • establish your store's daily routine.
  • train your employees.

Feel free to review the Lesson 5 Checklist below or if you prefer pen and paper, click here to download the PDF version.

Lesson 5: Sales

What's next?

This concludes the Retail - Guided Setup! If you've gone through all 5 chapters and followed the article content that applied to you, you are officially ready to go live!

If you are an omnichannel merchantyour Retail account is integrated with your eCom storeyou now have the fundamental Retail knowledge and prerequisites to build upon in our Retail with eCom - Guided Setup. Get started today!

If you'd like to run through the Retail - Guided Setup chapters and articles once more to solidify the information, see the full Retail Guided Setup Checklist below. If you prefer pen and paper, click here to download the PDF version.

Lesson 1: Account Settings

Lesson 2: Inventory

Lesson 3: Hardware

Lesson 4: Payment Processing

Lesson 5: Sales

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