3 a. Fixing import file errors

The Item Import tool is designed to streamline the process of fixing import file errors. It does so by displaying the problematic information in your import file along with the specific solution for its error. This allows you to quickly address errors and successfully create and/or update your item with ease.

In the event of errors, the Item Import tool automatically adds the following 2 columns to a downloadable copy of your import file, in order to help you identify the errors:

  • Errors: For each erroneous entry in the file, the Errors column lets you know what's wrong with one or more of the data entries for a particular item.
  • Suggested Fixes: This column provides suggestions for fixing the errors.

Here's an example:

To fix errors in the import file:

  1. Click the Download your files with errors attached button and save the file to your system.
  2. Open the file in a spreadsheet application.
  3. Review the information in the Errors and Suggested Fixes columns and fix the corresponding entries according to the given suggestions.
  4. Save the file in CSV, XLS or XLSX format.
  5. Drag the updated file to the drop area indicated on the Item Import page, or click Browse to open the file.
  6. The Item Import tool validates the file again. If no errors are found in the file, proceed to step 7 here.
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