1. Preparing your CSV file for image imports

Beta Disclaimer. Please note that the Item Import tool is currently in limited beta testing.

The Item Import tool uses the data in your import file to identify the names of the image files you plan to import and to which items they are associated with. Each item in your import file can have 1 Featured Image column and up to 11 Image columns. Once you've followed the instructions in the Item Import tool article here and have reached these 12 image related columns, follow the best practices below when entering your image filenames to avoid errors.

Best practices

  • Do not change the file type or file extension of your image from the original file extension. If you do, the Item Import tool may not recognize the file when it is uploaded.
  • To copy and paste filenames into your import file:
    • Windows: select the image file, press the F2 key on your keyboard, highlight the filename, right-click on the filename and choose Copy.
    • MAC: select the image file, press Enter on your keyboard and then press Command+C to copy the filename.
  • The file types that we support are .jpg, .png, and .gif.
  • Filenames should not contain periods (.) other than before the file extension (.jpg).
  • Filenames must be shorter than 250 characters.
  • When the same filename is used for multiple items in your import file, the same image will be uploaded to each item. For this reason, ensure that different images do not have the same filename.
  • If you are an omnichannel user, do not exceed more than 12 images per matrix. Although matrix items can have 12 images each in Retail, eCom has a limit of 12 images per matrix.

What's next?

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