3 b. Barcode Readers

Desktop setup

The supported barcode reader for desktops is the Honeywell Voyager USB MK9540-32A38.

It comes in a corded (1200g) or cordless (1202g) model. Both models do not need software installation or reconfiguration. Depending on your model, all you need to do is plug the scanner or the base into an available USB port on your computer as Lightspeed Retail works with the factory default settings of the Honeywell Voyager. Before using your barcode scanner, we recommend charging it for 4 hours.

iPad setup

The supported barcode readers for iPads are the following models:

  • Socket Mobile 7Ci/7Di (1D barcodes) and 7Qi/7Xi (2D barcodes)
  • Zebra CS4070 (supports all barcode types)

For more information on how to set them up, see our Setting up a barcode scanner on your iPad.

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