1 a. Getting Started

When you sign up for your Lightspeed Retail account and login for the first time on your desktop, you will be greeted by the Account Settings Wizard.

If you install the Retail POS app and login for the first time on your iPad, you can access the Account Settings Wizard from Retail Manager > Settings > Getting Started. We also recommend reading our About POS and Manager modes on your iPad before proceeding to familiarize yourself with the navigation between the two modes and what features are available in each.

Once in the Getting Started section, go through the 4 sections below to enter your shop's basic information, select optional features and set up your taxes.

  • BASICS:  Enter the shop name, address and phone number that will display on your customer receipts.
  • PRODUCT INDUSTRIES: Select industries to add their corresponding vendors and product catalogs to your account for simple inventory management.

    NOTE: As vendors and their associated catalogs are also enabled by default in Inventory Vendors, selecting many industries can result in lengthy vendor and catalog drop-downs.

  • OPTIONAL MODULES: Select the below optional modules to enable them in your account.
    • Services: Create and schedule work orders.
    • Gift Cards: Accept scanneable gift cards as a payment type. Along with adding and charging amounts to gift cards, you'll be able to track their balances as well.
  • TAX SETUP: Select your shop's default tax rate and labor tax rate.

For more information, please see our Configuring your account article.

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If you have multiple registers or stores, please see the below articles:
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