Fixing filename and image import errors

Beta Disclaimer. Please note that the Item Import tool is currently in limited beta testing.

The Item Import tool is designed to streamline the process of fixing filename and image import errors. It does so by displaying the problematic filenames and images along with the specific reason for their failure. This allows you to quickly address errors and successfully upload your item images with ease.

Filename errors

If you enter any filenames in your import file that don't follow the best practices, you'll be greeted with an error message displaying the number of errors to fix. If you click on the green Download your file with errors attached button, you'll be to see the specific errors and their associated filenames. Once the filename errors are addressed and fixed, try importing the import file again. You can keep the Errors column in the file.


Image errors

If you upload any faulty or unexpected images, you'll be greeted with a red error message displaying the number of failed images. If you click on this red error message, a new window will display the filename and the reason it was skipped in the upload queue.


Below are all the possible errors:

  • File type not supported. Images can be of jpg, png, or gif formats.
  • File exceeds 8MB.
  • File doesn't match any of the expected images.
  • File with name [filename] was already uploaded.
  • File name exceeds 250 characters.

Once the image errors are addressed and fixed, click Back and try importing your image files again.

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