1 b. Employees

Configuring employee roles

Some retailers run their store themselves or opt to share their login credentials with their employees. If so, you can move on to the 1 c. Taxes article.

If you'd like to keep your login credentials confidential, start by defining a well-structured set of employee roles in Settings Employee Roles.

For more information, see our Configuring employee roles article.

Adding employee accounts

Once you've defined your employee roles, you'll want to create new employee accounts in Settings Employee Setup.

NOTE: The number of employee accounts that you can add depends on your Lightspeed Retail plan.

For more information, see our Adding employee accounts article. 

Setting login credentials

Lastly, you will want to set login credentials for your new employee accounts. There are two employee login types: External login and Access PIN login. The External login right can be enabled in the employee roles. As for usernames, passwords and PINs, they are configured in the Sign In section of employee accounts.

External login
  • logs in with a username and password
  • should be given to trusted employees only
  • can access Lightspeed Retail from any device with an internet connection when the Lightspeed Retail session is closed.
Access PIN login
  • logs in with a personal identification number
  • accesses the account locally from a Lightspeed Retail session that was opened by a user with external login rights.

For more information, see our Setting login credentials article.

What's next?



If you've only assigned PINs to your employee accounts, you will want to extend the Auto Logout Delay setting in Settings General Options. This will ensure that the Lightspeed session stays open during your business hours for your employees without External login.

If you offer commission to your employees, we suggest assigning PINs and enabling the Require PIN Before Each Sale setting. It is also located in Settings General Options. This will ensure that all sales are assigned to the correct employee in the Line Employee report.

For more information, see our Configuring your account options article.

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