Manually processing credit cards with triPOS' Verifone MX 915

Private Release: The triPOS integration with Lightspeed Retail is currently being tested by a private group of accounts. If you would like to participate in our private release, please contact Lightspeed Support.

If needed, you can manually enter a customer's credit card information on triPOS' Verifone MX 915 during a sale.

  1. Initiate a sale in Lightspeed Retail on your computer or in the Retail POS app.
  2. Click Finish Sale to proceed with the manual credit card payment.
  3. When INSERT OR SWIPE appears on the terminal screen, press the X cancel button.
  4. Enter the credit card number and press the O enter button.
  5. Enter the credit card's expiry date and press the O enter button.
  6. When the payment amount appears on the screen:
    1. tap the O Yes on-screen button to confirm the amount.
    2. tap the X No on-screen button to cancel the payment.
  7. Enter the zip code associated to the credit card account and press the O enter button.
  8. Optionally, have your customer sign on the terminal screen and tap the O Done on-screen button.
  9. The terminal returns to the triPOS idle screen once the payment is successful.
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