4 d. Processing a test transaction

Now that all your transactional settings are in place, you’re ready to test your store with a transaction! And don't worry about having a bit of fun with your shopping—you can always:

  • cancel your eCom orders.
  • return the funds to your card.


To process a test transaction:

  1. Visit your online store as if you were a customer.
  2. Make a purchaseIn fact, make several purchases: one for each of the payment providers you’ve added to your eCom store.

Once you’ve confirmed that your transactional settings are all working, you can cancel each of those orders by following the steps outlined in our Cancelling orders in eCom article. Canceling the orders in eCom will:

  • return the items to your inventory.
  • remove the sales from your reporting.

However, it will not return the funds to the card or account used. To do so:

  1. Log in to your payment provider’s virtual terminal.
  2. Reverse the charges manually.

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