Transactional Settings - Checklist


Now that you have officially completed Basic 4: Transactional Settings of the Retail with eCom Guided Setup, you have successfully:

  • configured all the transactional settings you need to officially start accepting orders.
  • set up your domain and SSL certificate to create a safe and unique place for your customers to find your store and shop.

Feel free to review the Basic 4 Checklist below or if you prefer pen and paper, click here to download the PDF version.

Basic 4: Transactional Settings

What's next?

This concludes the Basic level of the Retail with eCom - Guided Setup! If you've gone through all 4 Basic lessons and followed the articles, you are officially ready to go live with 10 products!

If you'd like to run through the Basic lessons and articles once more to solidify the information, you can view the full checklist of the lessons in our Retail with eCom Guided Setup - Checklist article. If you prefer pen and paper, click here to download the PDF version.

NOTE: The Basic level is the only one currently available. The Enhance and Optimize levels are still being created and you can look forward to having them in the near future!

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