4 a. Configuring automatic and manual taxes

Lightspeed Retail’s tax system is more than capable of handling in-store purchases, but for online sales you’ll need to configure eCom to handle more varied circumstances. For example, your customer may be in a different state or province or country than your store, so you’ll need to be able to apply different tax rates according to their shipping address.

As we'll be focussing on selling your online products to customers in your own country for now, your tax settings will be simple to start off with. However, by familiarizing yourself with the Taxes settings of your back office, you'll be ready to go international in our Enhance lesson (coming soon).


Automatic tax rates

If your store is located in either the United States or Canada, you will need to enable automatic tax rates for your store. This will allow Lightspeed eCom to automatically generate the appropriate taxes for your customers based on their shipping addresses.  

To learn how to enable automatic taxes in your Canadian or American store, please see our Enabling automatic tax rates (North America) eCom article.

Manual tax rates 

If you are located outside of the United States and Canada, you will need to configure your tax rates manually. However, we've taken it upon ourselves to make this initial step a little easier by creating a default tax rate for you. This tax rate is created in your eCom back office upon installing your eCom store and its percentage is based on your Retail account's location. To review if this default tax rate is indeed correct for your business needs, from the left menu of your back office, navigate to Settings  PAYMENT SETTINGS Taxes.

To edit your manual tax rate, please see our Adding tax rates and tax overrides/exemptions eCom article.

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