2 b. Managing and viewing eCom products from Retail and eCom

Now that you've selected and published your 10 Retail items to your eCom store, it's time to learn the difference between your eCom back office and your online store and how you can navigate to these areas from both your Retail and your eCom store to manage and view your eCom products. This will also prove to be helpful as you build out your eCom store and want to see how your changes are reflected to your customers visiting your online store.

eCom back office vs. online store

Your eCom back office is where you will configure all the settings of your eCom store.


As for your online store, this is what your customers will see when they visit your eCom store.


Managing and viewing eCom products from Retail

Once you've published your 10 Retail items to your eCom store, the 2 buttons below will be enabled in their Details sections:

  • Manage Online Details
  • View in Online Store


Familiarizing yourself with them now as an omnichannel user will introduce you to how you can quickly and easily navigate between your Retail account and eCom store to:

  • manage your eCom products' online details
  • view your eCom products in your online store


  • Manage Online Details: While some of your eCom product details are controlled from your Retail account, using this button to directly access your product's online details is efficient and helpful in instances where a detail is controlled from your eCom back office. An example of a product detail that is managed from your eCom back office would be the Visible drop-down that controls if your product is visible to customers in your online store.

    NOTE: You will need to log into your eCom back office before being relayed to your product's online details.

  • View in Online Store: As you are managing the online details of your product, you can use this button to view your product in your online store and make sure it is displaying to your customers as intended. 

    NOTE: For this button to function as intended, using the Manage Online Details button, select Visible when in stock from the Visible drop-down of your product's online details. This will be covered in our next article 2 c. Adding product content and managing product visibility. Also, you will need to log into your eCom back office before viewing your product in your online store.

For more information, please see our Managing and viewing eCom products from Retail article.

Managing and viewing eCom products from eCom 

You can also navigate to your product's online details and view them in your online store directly from your eCom back office. The workflows below can be used to manage online details that are controlled from your eCom back office, but for all other item details that push eCom, we recommend managing them from your Retail account.


To navigate to a specific product's online details and view it in your online store:

  1. From the Main Menu of your eCom back office, click Products.
  2. Click on one of your product's title.
  3. From the PRODUCT CONTENT area, click View in your store


To view all your products in your online store:

  1. From the left toolbar, click on View store.
  2. From your online store's footer, under Products, click All products.


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